Andrew Brunk E-mail

Born in Hagerstown, MD, Andrew was raised in Tomstown, PA by his mom Wendy and his dad Levi until the age of six when his parents divorced.

Through the influence of his stepfather, he was introduced to music in the form of the guitar. Andrew picked up the guitar with the speed and diligence only a natural musician could. Andrew then moved to the Mandolin and very quickly became proficient and so loved it that he now solely concentrates on it. He is also proficient with the lead and rythmn guitars as well as bass guitar.

His stepfather introduced him to Ernie Bradley. Ernie tried Andrew out and was immediately impressed with his natural talent. It wasn't long (actually within 6 months) that Andrew knew and could play proficiently all the songs in the band's set list at that time. Ernie tried him out on stage in Brunswick, MD and they have never looked back.

Andrew is presently attending Shippensburg University.