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Ernie Bradley and The Grassy Ridge Band

Best Traditional Bluegrass Band anywhere!

Ernie Bradley and the Grassy Ridge Band have been together since 1981. Although the complexion of the band has changed a bit over the years, it still maintains its hard driving, traditional bluegrass sound.

With Ernie’s unique style on the banjo and other various instruments and Gene’s hard driving rhythm on the guitar and strong tenor vocals; along with Brandon’s breathtaking fiddling, Andrew’s passionate mandolin licks, Nelson’s smooth, easy flowing bass playing, Bobby’s awesome lead guitar breaks and spot-on rhythm, and Randy’s mellow tenor and lead guitar, this premier band is hard to beat for fast paced entertainment.

The band is a pleasure to watch on stage. They love to interact with the audience and each other! It is not unusual to see Ernie and Gene and the other members carry on with one another; cracking jokes, dancing and yes, even dressing up in wigs and funny glasses, when necessary! No one can read an audience better than Ernie Bradley. Fast or slow, young or old, uptight or loose, he can take any crowd and within minutes adjust his show on the fly and match it to the audience at the moment. He is truly the premier entertainer.

Having given award winning performances at the Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia Banjo Championships, and a history of playing venues like The Grand Ole Opry, Ernie Bradley has made quite a reputation in the industry over the past 40 years. Gene Beachley is the bands guitarist, lead tenor and has been celebrated for his hard driving rythm and strong tenor vocals for over 40 years also. Ernie Bradley and The Grassy Ridge Band is THE premier band when it comes to traditional bluegrass mixed with fast paced entertainment.

Make it a point to check their schedule and come out and see this magnificently, entertaining band.

Just in case you were wondering, the music you are listening to is a banjo tune which Ernie Bradley wrote called "Ernie's Bits and Pieces".


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